Kronenburg 1664 "The French Art of Pleasure"
Friday, May 6, 2011 7:12PM
I recently did a collaboration with Kronenbourg 1664 for their Mobile Art "French Art of Pleasure" campaign. Here's the pics and below is my explanatory blurb


"Travelling to northern France as a young girl created a sense of holiday romance which lingers in much of my current art work. France was a place of mystery, love, culture and effortlessly elegant individuals. The women, in particular, stood out and became a guiding light in wardrobe philosophy that would carry me through to adult life.

During these trips I loved to collect post cards and memorabilia that consumed me on my returns to Britain in a gravity of wanderlust. I would resolve this by creating elaborate scrapbooks filled with photographs, postcards and museum and art gallery tickets. Years later, I'd revisit these books, wrap myself in a blanket of nostalgia, and fuel my mind with inspiration.

The opportunity to reawaken and explore these feelings through the Kronenbourg 1664 French Art of Pleasure project was for me, a chance to reflect upon the importance of one' s heritage, experiences and understated elegance."

26/04/2011 - Groovy

26/04/2011 -

26/04/2011 - Lanvin for Lane Crawford

I got a brucie bonus surprise seeing that LC had dressed two additional windows with my illustrations. I did these sketches for their "Create & Inspire" mag and had no idea that they had used them in-store :)

In the mag they asked me: How would you like your work to inspire others?

"I like to create gourmet food for the eyes, rich in aesthetic gratification, with a dollop of delightfully sinful self indulgence on the side. Thus, I hope that I inspire others to pause every once in a while to appreciate the beautiful things in life, just because...."

And here is one more illustration I did just purely due to shoe lust (Louboutin, how I love thee)


04/04/2011 - Best Chinglish menu EVER

Ive seen some good ones, but this wins the award so far!!

24/03/2011 - Rwaaarrrr

Dino Fever in Honkers:

24/03/2011 - Clean Air Auction @ IFC

The fruits of an incredible team, working incredibly hard: